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Thank you for coming to West Shore Community College for the workshop. It was indeed everything we hoped for and more. We have had positive feedback from the students involved and are looking forward to working with you again. Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant event.

Carla Shay, Director
Women’s Resource Center (Sandi Williams, Assistant)
Thank you for the time and effort you spent at my company. We now have a heightened awareness of the crime that happens in our community. I wanted you to know that everyone commented on how much fun the demonstrations were. We were all there to learn new and effective ways to take charge of our personal security, which we did, but we had so much fun, and forgot we were learning. We had several requests for another workshop. Thanks again for your time and experience!

Michele Aversa
Professionals Direct Insurance Company
I look forward to learning more from you in the near future. You were a wonderful addition to our Lunch with Punch. Thanks for participating.

Kathy Wickerham
G.R.O.W. (Grand Rapids Opportunity for Women)
I must let everyone know here how fantastic Laurie Ayers is! Anytime I have a question, she is ALWAYS there to answer them and help me out. I would be lost without her guidance and support!

Knowledgeable, Enthusiastic presentation that keeps employee’s attention. Highly recommend for all customer service organizations. Well Done.

Robert K. Peterson
U.S. Postal Service, Lansing, MI
Witty; Tough; Funny; Empowering; Vivacious; Crazy; Wonderful; Intelligent; Practical; Real; Hilarious; Kewl;

Words used to describe Laurie Ayers
We are always impressed with your ability to be consistently accurate. Your presentations are always calm, even-tempered and steady.

Senior Executive
I don''t even know her but I enjoy reading all of her posts…no matter if she is calming someone down, giving practical information or just offering her 2 Scents worth…you are really lucky to have her.

Laurie, It was great meeting you in person. Thank you so much for the time and effort you took to come here to help us. It was very much appreciated by everyone!

I know Laurie is an excellent educator. We all can become safe and confidence if we really want to be and apply what our she has told us and if we remain teachable!

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