Talking While Walking is Not Safe

Many states have laws or are trying to pass legislation that makes it illegal to talk on the phone while driving.  Why? Because talking while driving is a huge distraction.  Accident statistics will back that up.

Yet consider how many people talk (or text) while walking.  Would not the same distractions apply?

Far too many people have a false sense of security when they talk on the phone while walking across campus, parking lots or strolling for exercise.  How can you possibly have keen domain awareness if you’re yapping on the phone?  You can’t.  You may feel safer with someone on the other end of the phone but you’re actually putting yourself in more danger.

There is a win/win solution –

Get your friend or loved one on the phone and provide details as to your whereabouts.  But then rather than continue talking, merely keep the line open, phone in hand at your side and walk to your destination.  This provides a much safer opportunity for you to be aware of your surroundings and notice any lurking threats.  Should you need any assistance, you already have a direct connection to someone who can get emergency personnel to you.

Now that you know the potential dangers, are you willing to try this method of walking and not talking next time you find yourself traveling by foot?

Awareness without action is worthless. – Phil McGraw


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