Quickie: Check Your Lipstick and Tires

Ladies, we know that it’s just good business to always check our face before going anywhere:  make sure we don’t have lipstick on our teeth or mascara where it doesn’t belong.

More importantly though is getting into the habit of always checking your tires before getting into your vehicle.  There’s a reason airplane pilots and school bus drivers perform a walk-around looking for anything out of the ordinary – to avoid problems once they depart.

With the recent fluctuations in weather temperatures it’s not uncommon for tires to lose air.  If you’re not careful you could find yourself stranded with a flat tire.  Don’t put yourself in a situation where an unscrupulous knight in shining armor has an excuse to stop and help you. While many good Samaritans do exist – it’s naive to think everyone who stops to help only has your best interest at heart.

Checking your lipstick and tires can prevent embarrassment and personal harm.


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