Quickie: Personal Safety at Money Machines

ATM Safety – Get it and Go

atmIt’s a familiar scene; you pull up to an ATM to make a cash withdrawal. After you receive your money you stop to count your bills, then stuff them into your wallet and perhaps even make an entry into your checkbook log. You’re a sitting duck.  A potential criminal could by lying in wait. It’s a good bet you have money and it’s easy to gain access to a person just sitting at a standstill.

Next time you need to tap the automatic teller machine, get it and go. Immediately drive off of the bank property. If you really want to stop and situate yourself and your purse, do so in a well lit, well populated area located away from the credit union. Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times and be brief if you must stop your vehicle for adjustments. Get it and go.


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  • I don’t know if you’ve ever covered this topic, but I believe it bears mentioning.

    With each passing day I see more and more people plugged into iPods and other mp3 audio devices. Old, young, walkers, joggers, bikers, shoppers, dog walkers – all wearing earplugs. I like music as much or even more than the next person, but I was trained to be completely aware of my surroundings at all times. A big part of that awareness is your ability to hear. Headphones and earbuds – even the “transparent” models – take away your second-most important sense. Plug in and hit the volume and you’ve unplugged from the world around you. It may be a pleasant escape but it makes you much more vulnerable.

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