how did you know i was lying

Deceit can be easily uncovered if you know the signs to look for when it comes to deception.

There are two main areas that can expose someone who is attempting to deceive you:

  • One way is their own words betray them. They give themselves up by the words they use – meaning verb tense, pronoun usage, extraneous details and chronology.
  • The second giveaway is their nonverbal communication, such as body language and microfacial expressions.

I’m the last person you’d want to play poker with.

Whenever people talk about a poker game, they always talk about someone else’s tell. But tells aren’t just limited to poker, tells are a part of daily life in the way we talk, walk and tell a story — each of us has tells.  I’m not saying everyone is a liar, but, the truth is, the way someone tells you something may be more telling than what they actually tell you.

I’m a professional lie detector — an expert in interpreting tells —the non-verbal communication, body language, and, word choice people adopt when interacting with others.

I can help you learn to read whether or not the people you come in contact with are being authentic or attempting to pull the wool over your eyes.  I can teach you to spot obvious red flags as well as subtle but important nuances in the way people walk, talk, and tell their story.

It’s essential that you trust the people you do business with and invite into your personal life.

Examples of who would benefit from Concealed Statements training or consulting: Anyone interested in Dating or Personal Safety, Claims adjusters, Compliance officers, Counselors, Educators, Event security, Human resource management, Law enforcement, Litigators, Loss prevention, Managers, Mediators, Medical professionals, Negotiations/arbitration, News Reporters, Politicians, Psychologists, Sales, Security personnel, Supervisors – Pretty much everyone can benefit from the ability to separate fact from fiction when it matters.

Increase your awareness of possible deception others may be trying to portray to you and discover ways to grow your business or profession by learning how you are presenting yourself to others. If you’re ready for to increase your Lie-Q, contact me today.

I look forward to working with you.


Laurie Ayers
Concealed Statements