Real Time Behavioral Assessments Giving Litigators the Courtroom Advantage

When the trial team is in the midst of questioning witnesses, cross examining and displaying exhibits, it’s impossible to effectively assess all the behavioral clues happening with the jury and witnesses as well as other relevant actions happening in the gallery and beyond. That’s where we can give you the courtroom advantage. Trial & Ayers trial consultants debrief counsel before the start and/or end of each day, during every break, and throughout the day on our assessment of how the wind is blowing surrounding the jurors. Consider it a birds-eye view, offering insight on what we observe to be working and what isn’t, as well as offering ongoing suggestions for ensuring that things stay on the right track.

As-Needed Services

Trial & Ayers attends trial or courtroom proceedings on a daily or ad-hoc basis. We can observe the entire trial from opening statement through closing argument, or only the sections causing you the greatest unease; your choice.

The Trial & Ayers Courtroom Advantage

Because Trial & Ayers sole purpose is to focus on the jury’s behavior and reactions, we offer a unique perspective to determine what is the most expedient course of action to employ based on current conditions in the courtroom. We use our expertise in behavioral clues to deception, nonverbal communication, body language, and communications of both jurors and witnesses to offer you guidance on important tactical assessments throughout the day. If we evaluate jurors would benefit from an altered description, such as more elaborate detail, more concise detail, a more rapid delivery, or a demonstrative visual, we’ll let you know. Trial & Ayers provides insight and direction so you can keep your courtroom engagement laser focused.

Trial observation is the best way to provide assessment and feedback regarding the visceral reactions of your case while offering practical suggestions for strategic modifications to increase influence.

Uniquely Qualified

By sharing our expertise in juries, courtroom dynamics and communications, we aim to keep the trial team’s strategic direction focused, impactful and relevant. Managing Director, Laurie Ayers, brings unique knowledge, skills and abilities to the area of courtroom observations. She’s participated in hundreds of hours monitoring trials as an observer and a juror. Additionally, as a practitioner in nonverbal communication, body language and deception awareness, Laurie is also a member of the the People Intell Team as a Paul Ekman Approved trainer in Evaluating Truth and Credibility and Emotional Skills and Competencies. Her training includes: Behavioral Clues to Deceit, Situational Awareness, Homeland Security, Intuition Studies, Criminal Profiles, Crime Avoidance, Risk Management Development, Managing Victim Fear and Violence in the Workplace.

Her academic achievements include a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration, in addition to graduate studies with Michigan State University Criminal Justice Homeland Security program. She is also a Landmark Education graduate.

Read Laurie’s full bio here.

Experience the Difference

Beware of False Claims: Understand that in a matter of moments you can find a number of YouTube videos and books from people claiming to be body language experts and whom purport they can tell when someone is lying. There is an abundance of unsubstantiated lore out there when it comes to deception. Learn to tell the difference here.

Ready to Get the Courtroom Advantage?

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