People mean exactly what they say; use their words to uncover deception.

Can you imagine how much better personal relationships and professional exchanges would be if you had a proven technique to tell if someone was being deceptive? 

Whether you’re struggling with a personal relationship, you’re concerned about coworkers, or if you are in the human resources, medical, legal or law enforcement field, you can benefit from learning more about deception, specifically as it relates to statements made both verbally and written.

Statement Analysis® 

Statement Analysis® is the most accurate method of detecting deception. It is a proven, objective technique to expose lies in written and oral statements. You can accurately detect deceit by carefully listening to or reading a person’s exact words and phrases. This method requires no interpretation or assumption; rather you analyze their exact statements.

I can show you how to use your specific words to examine credibility and uncover deception when you’re face to face, on the telephone, or reading email, statements and reports.

What about body language?

Contrary to popular belief, using body language to detect deception is somewhat subjective, hard to spot or very subtle and requires you to interpret and actually see the person who is speaking. With increased technology, using emails, texting, and phone calls, body language deception training isn’t going to do much good if you can’t see the body.lie detection

I specialize in exposing lies through verbal and written statements.

I’m a statement analyst and credibility expert — a professional lie detector. It can be equally damaging to believe a lie as it is to disbelieve the truth. I work with men and women who want to increase their deception awareness to avoid wasting time, money and mitigate poor decision making.

I can show you how to determine if someone is being truthful by analyzing how they phrase their statement.

The way someone tells you something may be more telling than what they actually tell you. As a statement analyst, focused solely on deception, I share information about how to listen or read written statements differently in order to determine whether or not the people you interact with are creditable, or attempting to deceive you.  I can teach you to spot obvious red flags as well as subtle but important nuances in the way people talk and tell their story.

People mean exactly what they say; use their words to uncover deception. If you’re ready change the way you’re interacting and responding by listening to and analyzing responses differently, soak in the information on this site. Then if you want to discuss this further, we can schedule a time to talk about how we can work together.

Laurie Ayers
Concealed Statements, LLC


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